Well, Here It Is!

Indeed, as mentioned above, here it is: Charlot’s Web. After having been victim of repeated threats of some of my virtual friends, I considered giving in to their demands was the best thing to do and, hence, I started this blog. Moreover, I have to admit they were right in the first place and I should have made a blog a long, long time ago. Which I didn’t and that is probably why you, dear reader, doesn’t know anything about me at all. Well, from now on, and after you have been reading about and following my periodical virtual adventures and real life thoughts, your world will not be the same anymore, so beware! The more intelligent reader amongst you (anybody there?) will already have concluded that the undersigned is suffering from a heavy case of the feared postponement disease, nothing to do with herself -no no- but running in the family. But first things first, hello there, my avatar name is Charlot Dickins and I am a virtual sculptor. I spend my time turning and twisting primitives and baking textures in order -in reverse order of importance- to please the eye of my virtual fellow citizens, and for my very own real life pleasure. Doing this for nearly a year and a half, I can say I have gathered a collection of sculptures, some made as a commission, others just out of inspiration and the blue. So, finally doing what my friends asked, I will throw these sculptures on the web an show them to those interested. Do not fear, my friends, for I shall only show them to you one by one! And because this is supposed to be an introduction on the www, I will start with a nicely made self-portrait.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


2 responses to “Well, Here It Is!

  1. well done, its up and rolling now!!

  2. Charlot – You have a blog!! Yay!

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