My First Creation

As I landed  in Second Life, out of curiosity about the 3D remakes of cities such as London, Amsterdam and New York, the first thing to do was to build myself an avatar. I pictured myself as a female remake of Gaston Lagaffe, a Belgian comic book figure, wearing shabby clothes and always accompanied by a seagull and a cat. After failing to make myself a puppet that had to depict me as “Gastonne Lagaffe”, I hoped to find a suitable set of clothes. Those who are familiar with the dress code in SL will know my mission to find myself a worn out outfit was more than impossible. So I decided to postpone (!) these 2 items to a later date in the far away future, skipped them without remorse and hopped over to Gaston’s third characteristic: the animals following him around. And again, surprise, surprise, no animals were crossing my path, and when I saw one, it sure was not willing to follow me for free. I decided that, if I could not find nor buy my animals, I would make them myself. I started dissecting a street cat I had found,  learned to build and script and made myself my own black and white cat. Which followed me around! Unfortunately, sometimes and -in my newby eyes- without no reason, it started to turn, ended up on its back and was looking really ridiculous. And because I do not tend to make my life too hard on myself, I regarded this mission as half accomplished, put the cat in the drawer, and started to build the bird. Which is following me around since! (although I have to admit it is not a seagull, but a swallow, but who cares and who knows Gaston Lagaffe anyway). Birdie has opened many building doors for me, just by flying above my head and has even become the logo carrying bird of the SL-world famous sculptor Cheen Pitney (see link).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           swallow-wireframe.jpg


One response to “My First Creation

  1. and what a faithful bird he is, we have become quite attached and not once has he pooped on me, he came to me very well trained

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