My First Mecenas

Beware, dear reader, being a newbie in Second Life is not a laughing matter! There I was, with my bird and silly cat, without  a piece of land and a sudden and unexplained urge to build virtual stuff. The 3D virus had bitten me: I simply had to create and would have done it anywhere. Which was exactly what I did, I sculpted in sandboxes, on the bottom of the virtual see, even while earning a few lindens on camping chairs. And once in a while I visited Reuters, just arrived in Second Life and at that time a very crowded place, not with griefers, or chat-sick fellow noobs, but with more experienced and -in my prim eyes- more interesting avatars.  Carlbotd Truss, a friendly and very kind land baron (whose portrait I made to his honour – to be admired below) was one of them. He offered me a piece of his private Newfoundland sim to build on in peace, and later on commissioned me to make every single animal, living in the real world Newfoundland.  Goodbye camping chairs, here comes Charlot Dickins!                                                                                                                                                                                            carl1.jpg


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