Newfoundland Animals

These are the animals I made for the Newfoundland sim of Carlbodt Truss. Many more were to follow, but Carlbodt Truss left Second Life and sold the island to someone who was less nature and art minded and who threw the animals and their creator out.  Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not cash 200$! 

First try: moose and caribou – I spent hours on them, a good punishment for thinking you can do everything without any practice and saying you are a moose making expert when someone asks if you are able to sculpt one.


Second try: a polar bear .


Third try: a killer whale. For this one, I went to do some industrial espionage on Starax’s orca (sorry S, but you moved on – to a much higher level I must say-  so I thought you would not care too much.                              



The orca is followed by wolves, 


a fox, sleeping on a rock (texture practice on the face of the fox)                                                                                  


and with a set of rabbits,



the Newfoundland page in my book of Second Life was turned. Another chapter was about to start.


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