Statues for AIR – Pocket Symphony

In the meanwhile, I had met Nick Rhodes, who was so kind to believe in my sculpting talent and asked me to make him a SL remake of the real life statues of Jean-Benoît Dunckel and Nicholas Godin, the two members of the French pop group AIR ( whose new CD was about to be released. He told me that when I was able to sculpt 3D animals, I could do people as well. Now, could I? In every good book, a little voice starts whispering in your ear to take care and to remember the hard moose past, but as we all know, life is not a fairy tale and I did not hear anything at all. And yes, I did it again – no problem, I will sculpt them, what is the deadline? And that is why my days became longer and my rest at night grew shorter as I chiseled, bevelled, cut and pasted hard and soft, rotated textures … Two weeks later, my eyes were screen shaped, and time was up. I love deadlines! Without them, I think I still would be working on the pop stars right now.




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