I am proud to present to you, dear readers and lovers of 3D art, my virtual replica of the Venus by Milo. I made it before “sculpties” were introduced in Second Life, and as a consequence, the lady is a rather large collection of primitives. For those unfamiliar with 3D building in second life, I should explain the difference between “sculpties” and primitives. Sculpties came to Second Life somewhere around May 2007, and offered the plebs of which I am a part, the possibility to import 3D-files into the virtual world. This is done through the uploading of the 3D-file’s texture. In a nutshell this means that now you can make a face with only one primitive, i.e. the imported texture (if you are a real 3D hero), whereas before you had to use (at least I had to) not less than 30 primitives. For the old school Venus, I spent hours and hours rotating its texture in order to make her face a bit “face-like”, in fact using the texture as paint, creating shadows and highlights. 


I had already used this technique on the statues of the French Air pop stars. While I was creating these,  Intlibber Brautigan passed by and saw me “painting” their faces. A few weeks later, he commissioned me to sculpt Venus. The picture below shows the number of primitives used in the sculpture. Each circle is one primitive.



3 responses to “Venus

  1. WOW! This one is just GREAT !

  2. disarmingly wonderful

  3. One the sculptures that gave me the willing of building. I m still amazed by that one 😉

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