Sneak Preview of New Art Gallery

A new art gallery is about to open in second life. Brand new, In The Dark Photography and Gallery, owned by Adec Alexandria, is waiting for its first visitors at Adec Alexandria is one of the first people I met in this 3D world, we became friends and still are. However, he climbed a lot higher on the virtual social ladder than I did: he has a house, land, and now he built and owns a gallery. And he is nearly two weeks younger than I am, what about that! Anyway, because he is a good guy, he asked me to show some of my sculptures in his gallery, so everyone who is interested in his photographs -all taken in Second Life- and in some of my recent work is invited to fly over. Grand opening will be in a few weeks. As an appetizer, I have the honour to present to you two snapshots I took in the gallery.  





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