Sculpted Feet

Today I decided that the feet I have been working on for quite a while are finished. When I arrived in second life, I could not ignore the utter ugliness of the lower extremities on which avatars walk. The only way to hide these body parts was to cover them with shoes, making you look a bit like a toddler after his first attempt to put his shoes on himself. Anyway, since I feel obliged as a sculptor to provide my statues with the feet they deserve – the most beautiful that is-  I thought it would not be a bad idea to make a realistic and wearable set as well. Alas, this was quicker said than done. They have been a real ordeal because -and this is common knowledge too- feet have the habit to come in pairs. And this was what happened: I started to sculpt a right foot.  After this was done and approved by quality control (being undersigned) I made the left foot, compared it to the right foot and detected a substantial quality difference. The left one was much better!  So I restarted to sculpt the right foot and ended up in a continous loop – remake left, remake right, remake left, remake right … And today: STOP! I am wearing them, and if nobody else does in the future, these feet will come in handy in my next statues. 




One response to “Sculpted Feet

  1. feets don’t fail me now….. this will make your millions Char

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