Sculpted Feet and Toes, The Sequel

Indeed, nowadays it looks like everything has to have a sequel, so why not sculpted feet and toes? The moment (read earlier posts, you unfaithful readers) I thought I had finished my dear feet was not a long one, it even was merely a wee glance of satisfaction. After having had a good look at them, I decided I could do better so I threw the old ones in the bin …


… and for anyone to see, the dog agreed with my junk choice.  So there I went again, tossing and turning my toes and textures. From time to time, and on doctor’s orders, I took my new and unfinished feet for a walk. For a moment I thought those feet would take me nowhere,  but they did: they walked me straight up to Tracylynne Carpenter who is exhibiting her pieces of art …





 -and now I am allowed to tell- in the yard of the Crescent Moon Museum (

Anyway, in the meanwhile I dream of toes, I think I even look like one and if I knew how toes behave, I would be acting like one too.

Time to stop sculpting feet I should say. 



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