A new Greek God in my collection. Because I made the goddesses in the pre-sculptie era, I decided to make their boss like that as well, though I gave in on sculpties for his hands, feet and face.


Merely finished, he was already invited to be a guest at a party at Mount Olympus, where he is keeping an eye on a few of his goddesses. What an advantage it is, to be a god! The more attentive reader will recognize Venus and Minerva amongst them. The two others are Juno Moneta and Tyche, who I did not show here yet (although I remember vaguely to have promised showing my sculptures one by one).  As my grandmother always said, the path to hell is paved with good intentions!  






2 responses to “Zeus

  1. All this is nice. But, respectfully, how do I get there to see the place? Does it just have a low level set for “full,” or do you need a group membership to jump in?

  2. My apologies. I didn’t realize this was part of the concierge party at the time. I’ll check it out in the future, though.

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