Take Control by Chance Abattoir for Visions of Global Justice

Yesterday I had the chance to admire a masterpiece made by Chance Abattoir. It is a wonderful installation, and a must-see for everyone interested in digital arts. The spectator “takes control” of Lady Justice by clicking on a button and keeps the virtual lady alive by making camera movements.

Since Chance described his work and I do not think I can do better, I hereunder paste his own words, embellished with a few of my snapshots.

  • Art for “Visions of Global Justice, ” The Justice Commons, March 19, 2008Title: “take control.”——About the art:Justice is a manufactured human right, and the quality of it is only as good
    as the attention we pay to it. “Take control” imagines Lady Justice as a robotic
    caretaker of our checks and balances that preserve the little things we take
    for granted. However, she still still requires human oversight, and apathy opens
    the door to exploits in her system.After taking control, the distance of the user’s camera corresponds to a point in
    the short visual narrative. There are twelve points in all. When nobody is taking control,
    she is in her final moment of destruction.

    Exploring the story of Justice is meant to be a communal activity. The person in control
    of Justice should never be the one who benefits most. By design, you cannot
    clearly see all points of the story yourself while controlling their progression.
    You will have to communicate with your peers
    while they take control in order to see all angles.

  • 2.jpg
  • ——About the artist:Chance Abattoir is the main account of an artist and content creator
    working in Second Life (SL) since 2004. He has a lifetime of art
    skills, and studied comic book design for a year under the
    editor-in-chief of a comic book publisher before moving on to get a
    Bachelor of Arts in Cinema/Television from the University of Southern California.
    A comprehensive range of related real world experience including fine
    art, filmmaking, photography, set construction for theatre, and
    classes in game theory and design informs Chance’s ideas about the
    virtual world. His primary interest in Second Life is creating
    interactive media, and his skills to support this interest include
    texturing, building, 3D modeling, and scripting in LSL.

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