Back to Basics with Four Ancient Greeks

Indeed, since I made Zeus, I rediscovered the joy of prim building. Well yes, I did make a category “one by one” when I started this blog, but since I am the one and only owner annex writer, I feel I can do what I want and I hereby just ignore the existence of the former mentioned category -though I intend to keep my promise and I will show you (anybody there?) my earlier and sculptie sculptures. When I was asked to sculpt four ancient Greeks, why did I decide to make them out of good old fashioned prims I hear you asking yourselves. The answer is quite simple: they have to look “good” (hmhm) right away and not after a minute or five, they have to look good from far  and not far from good and – of course- I must admit I like prim building better (can it be that I am lazy? why don’t I like to make a 3D build first in maya, then try to bake it and then try to reassemble it in second life?) Anyway, these are four ancient Greeks who will be embellishing a sim which will open when I decide to stop spending my time writing things nobody ever reads and finish sculpting two German kings. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Thukydides, Homer, Aristoteles and Hippokrates, hanging around in the higher spheres of second life’s air.   




One response to “Back to Basics with Four Ancient Greeks

  1. Corcosman Voom

    Yes, Ms. Dickins your readers are here. Not a very chatty group though, are we?

    You did not mention in this post if these 4 can be seen in world. Are they at a location that can be viewed by the public?

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