Crescent Moon Shows Starax and Light Waves Sculptures

More than 20 sculptures made by Starax Statosky (and) Light Waves can be admired at the Crescent Moon museum ( until April 11th.  I think my avatar probably is the biggest virtual fan of Light Waves, whom I consider to be Second Life’s best sculptor (one tiny nose length behind is Cheen Pitney), but I must say I never understood the overwhelming admiration most of the second life inhabitants feel for Starax. I know this may sound a bit like a blasphemy to most of you, but I agree with the Ancient Romans on this matter, de gustibus et coloribus non disputandum! Anyway, in the Crescent Moon exhibition I did find three statues made by Starax which I like a lot. Maybe there are more of those I have not seen yet, and maybe I just should go out more! 







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