Forgotten Disadvantages of Prim Building In Second Life®

As fun as prim building in second life might be, I bumped this week into an annoying, and for me long forgotten side effect. After all these months of Maya sculpting and texture baking and importing, I suddenly stood eye in eye with the horrible …. PRIM COUNT. Having no land and no home and thus no real prim problems of my own, I think I hid them in a dark corner of my virtual mind. Sure, I used to count prims before, and yes, I did say a 150 prim limit per statue for the greeks and the germans would be no problem at all. And in fact, for my prim Greeks it was not. But when I was sculpting the German duke who will be in the same sim (not open to public yet and I am not allowed to tell where it will be before the official opening – sorry Corcosman) I found myself struggling with these good old limitations. Well, yes, these statues have to be made as realistic as possible and, well yes, it would be a bit easier when the way they are dressed were a bit more, hm, simple. Our Duke is finished, not with every detail on his fancy dress but with 16 prims above the limit.


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