Second Life® Upgrade – Banned In the Air

I praise my luck to be a builder in Second Life!  Because hanging around in thin air and not traveling from one island to another sure is the thing to do since the latest upgrade. Each minor attempt to leave my base and go and see something interesting, is instantly punished with a hard crash back into real world. Not that I am complaining, oh no, not me, because I praise windlight which enables me to gaze into the nicely coloured air which seems to be my second life prison for the time being. Do not fear, I am not with my head in the clouds – clouds make me crash too. I wonder, why would anyone willingly stay here if there are no statues waiting to be sculpted? 




One response to “Second Life® Upgrade – Banned In the Air

  1. Well I guess I should thank my lucky stars that I can still move around and not be chained to my platform like some princess waiting for her knight to cleave the iron links with his sword. I only have to worry about crashing at the most oh…… every ten minutes or so, hahahaha.

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