Sculpted Feet Fetishism

In order to free my mind from ancient greeks and kings and before starting a new series of sculptures, I thought it would not be a bad idea to rework my sculpted feet. A brief intermezzo which evolved in one week’s work and feet addiction.  There I went again! Well, the extremities are updated and second life avatars who do not like to show their ugly second life feet, are now able to walk around proudly, with their heads up, noses in the wind and prim feet in the sand towards a virtual sunset ..



…that is,  when they are smart enough to buy my newly born attachments in my first real rented shop.

Oh yes, I am now the proud renter of this hut in Alegria, and as you can see, waiting in front of my shop door for the first customer to show up. How many people will pass by I ask myself? Come and see next week in my new blog post “Nobody Came”




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