The Garden of NPIRL Delights – More Than Just a Build Festival

As of tomorrow (27th of April) content creators will start to create their virtual version of heaven, earth and hell. Rezzable Productions and the NPIRL group, which stands for Not Possible In Real Life – a title which does not need further clarification, found inspiration for the building festival’s theme in the Garden of Earthly Delights, a triptych by the Dutch painter Hieronymus or Jeroen Bosch. Builders are able to use up to 500 prims and the buidling will end the 14th of May. I applied to be a part of this festival and hope they allow me to contribute a piece of the underworld. Awaiting their response, I already started to use my imagination … I must say, I have a hell of a time! More information on this festival can be found here or by clicking on the Not Possible In Real Life link in my blogroll.

… little devils swaying Rezzable flags …


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