Amazing Art Collection of Alexandar Vargas

Being not only with my virtual head in the air, but with the rest of my prim body too making the sculptures which are to be sculpted, I am not always (read never) the first to know the things I should know. One of these things sure is the existence of 3 islands, Welsh Harbour, Welsh Bay and Welsh Cove, owned by Alexandar Vargas. Alexandar Vargas is, apart of being a fine jewelry artist himself, an art collector. Moreover, I think he possesses the largest collection of sculptures in Second Life.  An avatar who loves art just needs to go there and explore those three islands, each of them embellished with sculptures of a great variety of second life sculptors, from the higher to the lesser gods (since last Sunday the latter category includes myself!). Take your time, your camera and a friend and fly to Welsh Bay ( and discover the art while wandering through the landscape. 

As a teaser, I took some photos of the highest god’s works…






… being Light Waves….






One response to “Amazing Art Collection of Alexandar Vargas

  1. Corcosman Voom

    Perhaps Tayzia Abbatoir at Crescent Moon might give Mr. Vargas a run for his money in the “largest collection” category?

    Welsh Bay and the connected sims are definitely worth a visit to see the wide variety of pieces displayed.

    Aside from all the wonderful sculpture, I also thought the waterfalls were very interesting. The textures seemed unlike anything else I had seen used with water before.

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