Making Loki Grin Is Not A Laughing Matter

Yesterday I finished a new sculpture for Alexandar Vargas. He asked me to make Loki, a mischievous Norse God and giant. At first I made him a bit too serious, so I had to put a grin on his face to make him look a bit more playful. Not easy to do dear reader, with a norse vikinglike god, because very soon he started to look like Father Christmas or an old but friendly neighbour, dressed to go to a bal masqué. After a lot of lip and eyebrow twisting and a harsh but fast working diet, I was able to give the noble man a more evil, mocking and arrogant appearance. I added an eight legged horse, as a reference to his length – yes it is Loki who is a giant and thus tall, and the horse is a normal one, it is not a Shetland pony or a Falabella- and as a hint to this shape changing abilities.

Loki in a serious mood …


and Loki in his final version, after a mischief …








2 responses to “Making Loki Grin Is Not A Laughing Matter

  1. Sleipnir was Odin’s horse, not Loki’s. The eight legs are a reference to 4 men carrying a corpse and refers to Odin’s role as god of, among other things, death.

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