Vishnu, Riding on Garuda

Sculpture of Vishnu, the maintainer or preserver of the Hindu Triad.

Made for Alexander Vargas ….


Slow Dancing Couple

A non exclusive commission sculpture I made for someone’s second life ballroom….

The Refuge and The Expansion by AM Radio

Another magnificent installation by AM radio, the 3D artits who can make you feel and breath the atmoshpere of his art. It is hosted in the Alexander Gallery sims and runs until November the 2nd. Do not hesitate and go and admire it here.

Shiva at Midnight

Another sculpture for Alexandar Vargas, on which I experimented with the new light and glow features to make him look good during the day as well as at night time…

An Unpleasant Surprise For Hephaestus

When Alexandar VArgas asked me to sculpt Hephaestus, the god of technology, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes, I deicided not to depict him as a mere blacksmith, but to sculpt him at the moment when he trapped his wife Aphrodite and her lover Ares in his self made iron web.

An unpleasant surpise indeed ….

Sculpture For Relay For Life

Tayzia Abattoir asked me to make a sculpture for Relay for Life 2008. This years theme is “heroes”. So I decided to use my freshly sculpted angel wings, wrapped up my sleeves and sculpted the following ….




Sculpture of An Angel

My first non exclusive commissioned sculpture I made in months!  I quickly ran to install it at friedman, one nevers knows there is someone else who is going to buy it ….