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Financial Crash – A Virtual Version

I felt like making a sculpture of a virtual attempt to rescue savings after a virtual crash ….

linden dollars going down the Second Life® drain…


In Bad Company – Virtual Anguish

Just finished this sculpture “for fun”…

soror Nishi’s Newest Virtual Fauna and Flora

As you already might have read, dear reader, soror Nishi is the number one gardener of second life®. Yesterday, she showed me her newest tree and a pair of 1 prim gekko’s ….

Sculpted Animals – The Early Work

Come and see most of the animals I made in my early days. Laura Gagliano offered me a piece of her sim, so hurry over to Montevideo

Vishnu, Riding on Garuda

Sculpture of Vishnu, the maintainer or preserver of the Hindu Triad.

Made for Alexander Vargas ….

Slow Dancing Couple

A non exclusive commission sculpture I made for someone’s second life ballroom….

The Refuge and The Expansion by AM Radio

Another magnificent installation by AM radio, the 3D artits who can make you feel and breath the atmoshpere of his art. It is hosted in the Alexander Gallery sims and runs until November the 2nd. Do not hesitate and go and admire it here.