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Financial Crash – A Virtual Version

I felt like making a sculpture of a virtual attempt to rescue savings after a virtual crash ….

linden dollars going down the Second Life® drain…


Costa Rica Art Festival In Second Life®

The Costa Rica Art Festival starts tomorrow on Saturday 14 September, and if you would feel like it, you can go and see some of my sculptures there.

The sim is called La Fortuna and is owned by Knor Lane, who made a selection out of my non exclusive work. Moreover, you can find some beautiful sculptures by Ub Yify and other artists, so it is worth the effort of teleporting …

Sculpted Animals – The Early Work

Come and see most of the animals I made in my early days. Laura Gagliano offered me a piece of her sim, so hurry over to Montevideo

Shiva at Midnight

Another sculpture for Alexandar Vargas, on which I experimented with the new light and glow features to make him look good during the day as well as at night time…

Sculpture of An Angel

My first non exclusive commissioned sculpture I made in months!  I quickly ran to install it at friedman, one nevers knows there is someone else who is going to buy it ….


Made for Alexandar Vargas …

Reflection On The Three Graces

Just finished another sculpture for Alexandar Vargas and his sim Welsh Cove . Yes, as I already wrote before he has an exceptional good taste! And, moreover, he gave his permission to show all the sculptures I made for him in an exhibit which is opening today on Senlei Flasheart’s sim Shengri La Peace. The exhibition is organized by Callipygian Christensen (whose first name I always have to double check in order not to misspell it, even though I know what it means) and will be open until July 27.

Callipygian made this wonderful poster as invitation …



and since I finished “Reflection On the Three Graces” just in time, you will be able to see them there if you would have some time to spare to go over there. If not, you can always just gaze at these photos …