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Madcow Cosmos’ Fool on Deck, A 3D Tarot Game

An exhibit not to be missed in  Wales Springs, made possible by Alexandar Vargas and Callipygian Christensen. Two sims filled with masterpieces made by Madcow Cosmos: each sculpture or build depicts a card of the tarot game and is testimony to Madcos’ enormous creativity, fantasy and artisicity. All this is to be admired until the 30th of July, but if I were you, I would not wait that long …

The Chariot


Three of Cups


Seven of Wands




Queen of Wands


The Hermit


Osiris’ Walk Towards Life

Another Alexandar Vargas’ commission! This art collector and art lover has, as you dear readers might have noticed,an extremely good taste!!! Anyway, I chose to depict Osiris in the stage where he was grabbing himself together and walking back to life …




Aurakyo Insoo’s Art Hotel

Indeed, Aurakyo Insoo opened an unusual kind of hotel, which is truely worth a visit. It is a build with nine rooms in which works of several artists are shown in an orginal way. Click here for the landmark.

The Quiet by AM Radio

Another masterpiece to go and breathe an atmosphere which is seldom to be found in second life!

Hurry over to The Quiet!



Sarasvati, Mixer of the Arts

Another sculpture I made for Alexandar Vargas ….








Magnificent One Prim Lilly By soror Nishi

Another magical achievement by soror Nishi, who never stops digging the Blender garden: a one prim lilly, perfectly shaped and textured and ready to be planted in every second life garden of taste.

A trip to her shop Treeworks should be made obligatory for every land owner!



Making Loki Grin Is Not A Laughing Matter

Yesterday I finished a new sculpture for Alexandar Vargas. He asked me to make Loki, a mischievous Norse God and giant. At first I made him a bit too serious, so I had to put a grin on his face to make him look a bit more playful. Not easy to do dear reader, with a norse vikinglike god, because very soon he started to look like Father Christmas or an old but friendly neighbour, dressed to go to a bal masqué. After a lot of lip and eyebrow twisting and a harsh but fast working diet, I was able to give the noble man a more evil, mocking and arrogant appearance. I added an eight legged horse, as a reference to his length – yes it is Loki who is a giant and thus tall, and the horse is a normal one, it is not a Shetland pony or a Falabella- and as a hint to this shape changing abilities.

Loki in a serious mood …


and Loki in his final version, after a mischief …