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soror Nishi’s Newest Virtual Fauna and Flora

As you already might have read, dear reader, soror Nishi is the number one gardener of second life®. Yesterday, she showed me her newest tree and a pair of 1 prim gekko’s ….


soror Nishi Sells Her Psychedelic Mushrooms At nishi Beach

Somewhere last week, soror Nishi decided to put her magic mushrooms for sale in her shop at nishi Beach. Even when you are not in need of second life® vegetation it is worth a visit because the whole sim is a lust for the eye. However, I am sure that whoever sets foot on this remarkable sim, feels the urge to grab his/her prim wallet and will start buying straight away …


photo of the great creator with her mushrooms




overlooking the shop


soror Nishi “greta” creator in close-up … do look at her make-up!





Magnificent One Prim Lilly By soror Nishi

Another magical achievement by soror Nishi, who never stops digging the Blender garden: a one prim lilly, perfectly shaped and textured and ready to be planted in every second life garden of taste.

A trip to her shop Treeworks should be made obligatory for every land owner!



soror Nishi’s Sixties Mushroom Forest

Soror Nishi showed me her latest creation … a piece of art! The slightest glance at it drags you back into the sixties. These psychedellic mushrooms look so good from every angle that I had to stop myself from taking too many photo’s. 




The Garden of NPIRL Delights – An Insider’s Photo Album

The Garden of NPIRL Delights is officially open! More info is to be found here  http://npirl.blogspot.com/ where I just read that Light Waves participated as well. I spent two weeks in the Garden, building on -with good intentions- the “Path to Hell”, but now at last I can change my builder’s hat into a blogger’s one, showing you some photo’s I took earlier on. Of course I cannot show every single build in the garden – there is simply too much to see and you just have to go over there and look for yourself- so I shall act in a very nepotistic way and show you the builds of my friends and idols. Yes, dear readers, inhabitants of second life are in fact as subjective and unfair as common real world people! 


Cheen Pitney’s  Self Consumption





soror Nishi’s In My Head

It looks good in day light and even better at night time …




AuraKyo Insoo With “The Inner Garden”




Madcow Cosmos’ Heterotroph






Bryn Oh’s Steamgarden





Soror Nishi, Magic Gardener of Second Life®

I would like to present to you, dear readers, one of the most talented builders in Second Life and -as far as I know- the best sculptor of trees, mushrooms, plants …. in other words, the very best gardener in this virtual world. I met her a while ago at Orange Island, where I was self-admiring one of my statues. In the meanwhile, she planted -what’s in a word- a beautiful tree construction at Orange, and now she is busy greenifying another sim where I was able to take some snapshots ….