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Costa Rica Art Festival In Second Life®

The Costa Rica Art Festival starts tomorrow on Saturday 14 September, and if you would feel like it, you can go and see some of my sculptures there.

The sim is called La Fortuna and is owned by Knor Lane, who made a selection out of my non exclusive work. Moreover, you can find some beautiful sculptures by Ub Yify and other artists, so it is worth the effort of teleporting …


In Bad Company – Virtual Anguish

Just finished this sculpture “for fun”…

Brahma, Sitting On a Lotus Flower

I just completed the Hindu Trinity for Alexandar Vargas with Brahma. He is intended to be admired in Second Life’s ® midnight viewer, but he looks OK at every time of the virtual day ….

soror Nishi’s Newest Virtual Fauna and Flora

As you already might have read, dear reader, soror Nishi is the number one gardener of second life®. Yesterday, she showed me her newest tree and a pair of 1 prim gekko’s ….

Slow Dancing Couple

A non exclusive commission sculpture I made for someone’s second life ballroom….

Shiva at Midnight

Another sculpture for Alexandar Vargas, on which I experimented with the new light and glow features to make him look good during the day as well as at night time…

Sculpture For Relay For Life

Tayzia Abattoir asked me to make a sculpture for Relay for Life 2008. This years theme is “heroes”. So I decided to use my freshly sculpted angel wings, wrapped up my sleeves and sculpted the following ….